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Something Left, Something Taken

This is a great little short! I found it on It reminds me why I want a garage. I want a place to make stuff like this. There is also an amazing “making of” detailing how they did the photography, 3D, prop-making on their blog:

Something Left, Something Taken- Full Version from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo.

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New Poster for Presentation!

Here’s the poster for the presentation next week! I love it. Bishop never looked soo good! Thanks Bobby Beck!

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War in North Overland Teaser Rigs

So I had the privilege of working with my friend Todd Widup on two rigs for this trailer. I rigged the Dwarf and the Troll.

I spent days on the Troll rig and in the end it only got 12 frames on screen! Not even a second on screen. Hilarious. But that’s the way editing works. And I believe in the art of editing so that’s the way it goes. It’s a pretty decent trailer. check it out:

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From Cube To Character

I’ll be giving an hour-long presentation. Get your Tickets soon!

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Giving A Presentation on 3D at The Exploratorium June 26th!

exploratorium logo

From Cube to Character
I’m giving a presentation on June 26th at the Exploratorium! My presentation will be geared toward kids (of course) to explain what ‘geometry’ is. I’m going to explain how a poly cube becomes a character (Bishop from AnimationMentor), and then show how it is rigged (without going down the rabbit hole on that topic).

Then show briefly some reference video, several animation passes, then the final rendered version. Explaining how triangles are everything in 3D!
The goal is to get all the kids and adults excited about math and geometry.If I can create a link to their favorite 3D cartoon character(s) they can see how math and geometry are an important part of art and entertainment today. Goal accomplished.

Special thanks to Bobby Beck
at AnimationMentor for letting me use Bishop as an example for all the kiddies!

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Well then… I guess that’s a wrap.

As of Friday it appears ImageMovers Digital will be shutting down in December 2010.

I really had a lot of fun at this studio. Made a lot of great friends. The next couple of months are going to be a blast (all things considered) while we wrap up Mars Needs Moms. We used to have fun at our first location (Thorndale) then it got stuffy when we got too corporate. Now it should revert back to the fun days for the next couple of months.

I bear no ill-will toward Disney. Three years is a good run. I love Bob Z and would work for him again in a heartbeat. Maybe Roger Rabbit 2??? If it ever goes from rumor to real.

I was actually thinking Disney might see IMD as “not useful” after Alice in Wonderland posted such high opening weekend profits. And after Avatar set the bar for motion capture films. We (IMD) were definitely ranked 3rd or 4th on the totem pole of “motion capture awesomeness.”

Anyway, I just graduated from AnimationMentor in January. I love keyframe animation and rigging. I really want to rig some tooney stuff and animate it now. I see this as an opportunity to do that at another studio.

It’s time to update my scripts section to python-PyMel in the scripts section and post my animation reel from AM.
I no longer code in MEL… and you wouldn’t either if you knew PyMel.

The future is bright. Time for beer.

2 comments March 13th, 2010

DAMMIT – Too Sick to Graduate!

I missed my graduation because of a stomach flu! I waited two years for this day, then missed it because of a bug. Now my wife is lying in bed with the same bug.
needless to say I did not animate while in my sickened state. I know. excuses excuses…

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New Years Resolution #1: Animate Every Day (to complete Roshambo)

Resolution: I will animate EVERY DAY until Roshambo is done.

Roshambo has a lot of work left to be done; here’s how I plan to tackle the project’s remaining tasks. I have made a grid of boxes of all the remaining animation tasks vs. color code of the difficulty (two characters contacting each other, vs a moving hold, etc. ):

I will pick a square (or two) and perform that task every day. Some days I’ll only have 2-3 hours so I’ll take on an easy task like going from layout to blocking. On days where I have more time, I will tackle a more demanding box or boxes. I need to do as many boxes a day as I can because if I add up the box count right now it’s over 6 months of work left to do!! I don’t have that kind of time. So I’m going to shorten and speed up some shots. and double up tasks on the weekends. I’ve already started. And need to animate a little today.

And when I don’t feel like animating at all, I’ll rig or play the ukulele. Or go out and record some foley.
I have another grid for rigging tasks and sound tasks that is not shown.
When Roshambo is done — and it will get done — I have another project that is an even more insane amount of work. So this is just practice for the big one.

Related resolution:
Learn and record 12 Christmas songs for the ukulele. Send it out as a Christmas gift 2010. I’ll post the MP3s here in December 2010.

December 31st, 2009

AnimationMentor is done!

Two years later and my journey is complete… almost.

Graduation is on Jan 16th, 2010. And There’s still the short to finish.

    Roshambo Update:

I’m 50% done. many scenes are in layout,blocking, blocking+,refining, and only a few have received polish. it’s at 2:20 seconds right now, but I plan on cutting some of the slow stuff at the beginning.

Scoring the short:
So I put an ad on craigslist looking for someone to score my film with some Hawaiian music. Something simple – just a ukulele and a steel guitar. Of the hundreds of responses, there were some awesome candidates (sorry for not picking one of you guys), a lot of unqualified responses, a robot, and one supreme jackass who recorded some bad generic Hawaiian music, then tried to force me to buy it-without talking to me, without any direction, without my approval to begin work… He used a crappy synth to generate some lame 3 chord Hawaiian music with overdone drums and nothing flowed.Then threatened to sue me if I used it without paying.

So laying in bed shortly after this hilarious incident, I decided to pull it off myself with a ukulele! So I went and bought a tenor ukulele and started strumming. I’m hooked! This thing is so much fun to play. I’ve only had it about three weeks, but I can sing and play at the same time very easily. I’ve never been able to do that with any other instrument (I play bass, and used to play trumpet)! I’ve been learning a bunch of Beatles tunes to practice chords. I am addicted to it.

The best part is the sound will be exactly what I’m willing to settle for. I’m a control freak.

December 28th, 2009

Harry Potter appeared before me in my soup!

October 14th, 2009

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