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The Timemaster has a competition to shoot, edit, and present a movie in 12 hours!!! Pretty hard, but pretty fun! I got together a group of comedians I know and we shot this little bastard. Enjoy:

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March 21st, 2009

Currently Rotting My Brain

I love candy. What you see here is my diet for this month.

When I get done watching these “pixel piles of pop-culture porn” I will write a self-indulgent review complete with video clips and… nah. I’m too busy lazy. in fact, this entry is an act of procrastination. I don’t feel like animating and my gout(see wiki if you care) is acting up. I just want to fling myself into bed, in my cold-ass house, and watch these wonderful works of art. I’m also watching Louis CK’s “Chewed Up”. I don’t feel like scanning the DVD cover… yet another act of procrastination.

Why do I feel the walls of professionalism crumbling…

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January 8th, 2009

Term 3 Redux Progress Reel

I dunno. kinda tired right now. lots of work. lots of AnimationMentor. Not a lot of health. It’s better than my last pass but I almost destroyed myself with sitting at the computer for hours upon hours doing my job and this school. goddam I’m tired a lot. Okay. back to work.

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ]

January 8th, 2009

I’m your biggest fan…

November 5th, 2008

Discovering Pierre Alary

Pierre AlaryI was looking around for the ever-elusive, Amazon-won’t-have-til-October, “Crash Course in Animation” by Eric Goldberg and I ended a google search at Stuart NG books. He has signed copies of Goldberg’s book! While browsing through Stuart NG’s book store online… I came across this artist, formerly at Disney (Tarzan), Pierre Alary(blog). His style is flawlessly Disney-esque. His female characters look like Mulan and Pocahonta’s daughter — but better… the NG website says he worked under Keane — and you can tell. There is something about the poses, characters, and staging that have flare. me likey.

September 5th, 2008

Tom and Jerry – HOLLYWOOD douche baggery

September 2nd, 2008

Indie Mogul

indie mogul

I stumbled on this while I was looking for crap to put on my new iPhone. This is exactly the kind of budget filmmaking me and my sketch group used do. Puppet animations, cheap cardboard props, digital effects for cheap, editing tips, etc. I love these guys. There’s one I watched by Rob Schrab (Robot Bastard, Sarah Silverman Program, Heatvision and Jack, Monster House, and more) on how to do “Drawless Animation” which seems like an interesting way to block out an animation–hmmmm.

indie mogul  here’s the link to subscribe in itunes

I love the puppeteering type of film-making. It’s actually better than animation in one respect: you get perfect acting timing.   which you can spend days/hours/weeks/years trying to get on a small bit of 3D or 2D animation. Acting is easy with this type of animation. I’m going to experiment with blocking an Animation Mentor scene using this type of filmmaking. At the very least it will be fun.

August 6th, 2008

Tex Avery Documentary

A guy named Magnus, also a student at Animation Mentor, had this in is blog. I shamelessly have propagated it in the name of animated historical education.
It’s called “Tex Avery, King of Cartoonsby John Needham. I’m trying to find it on DVD, but it looks like it’ll never happen:

Part 1:

Part 2: 

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

October 6th, 2007

Science Animation in the LA Times

If you opened the LA Times this morning, sandwiched between Spiderman 3 weekend sales stats and The Queen’s White House dinner is science animation! There’s an article about my friend Eric Keller’s science animation odyssey from Harvard Medical Animation to ESPN.  Eric, the author of a few Maya books,creates science animation and visual effects:,0,7336643.story?page=1&coll=la-home-business

The skillsets are closely related and can get you some extra cash. If you’re in school or just trying to break into the biz, science animation is a great practical way to get the chops without the insane deadlines — and decent money. To get started, walk into the microbiology department at a local university and offer to do some free work to get your reel going.

May 7th, 2007

RIGonometry with the Law of Cosines

I was trying to add a visual indicator to Thuriot’s templateLE script (because I don’t love lining up the locators in the viewport).  Anyway…. I found that a  flattened nurbs sphere has the right look and its sweep angle in the creation node could be driven by just finding the angle of the joint — COOL!

Uncool. I couldn’t find the actual angle between any of the joints in any node! I could simply use vector2Rotate.mel, but I wanted it to be driven by nodes so it updates quickly. I might be schooled here later with a simpler way to find the angle…

BUT I do know the Law of Cosines!
 and the lengths of 3 sides of a triangle.
The only problem was that I needed to use the acosd command in the last part of the equation, and there are no trig nodes, so I had to resort to an expression at the end of my utility network.
If you know of any TRIG utility nodes, I’d love to use them.

October 27th, 2006

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