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November 5th, 2008

Discovering Pierre Alary

Pierre AlaryI was looking around for the ever-elusive, Amazon-won’t-have-til-October, “Crash Course in Animation” by Eric Goldberg and I ended a google search at Stuart NG books. He has signed copies of Goldberg’s book! While browsing through Stuart NG’s book store online… I came across this artist, formerly at Disney (Tarzan), Pierre Alary(blog). His style is flawlessly Disney-esque. His female characters look like Mulan and Pocahonta’s daughter — but better… the NG website says he worked under Keane — and you can tell. There is something about the poses, characters, and staging that have flare. me likey.

September 5th, 2008

Tom and Jerry – HOLLYWOOD douche baggery

September 2nd, 2008

Indie Mogul

indie mogul

I stumbled on this while I was looking for crap to put on my new iPhone. This is exactly the kind of budget filmmaking me and my sketch group used do. Puppet animations, cheap cardboard props, digital effects for cheap, editing tips, etc. I love these guys. There’s one I watched by Rob Schrab (Robot Bastard, Sarah Silverman Program, Heatvision and Jack, Monster House, and more) on how to do “Drawless Animation” which seems like an interesting way to block out an animation–hmmmm.

indie mogul  here’s the link to subscribe in itunes

I love the puppeteering type of film-making. It’s actually better than animation in one respect: you get perfect acting timing.   which you can spend days/hours/weeks/years trying to get on a small bit of 3D or 2D animation. Acting is easy with this type of animation. I’m going to experiment with blocking an Animation Mentor scene using this type of filmmaking. At the very least it will be fun.

August 6th, 2008


I actually loved Presto! more than I loved Wall-E. But that’s me. I’m a Bugs vs. Yosemite Sam, Tom vs. Jerry, Ren vs. Stimpy, sorta guy and Presto is more in this broad style than the other Pixar shorts. As soon as I heard it was available on iTunes, I went and got it and watched it frame by frame. Superb animation. Some of the movement reminded me of the snappy moves in Emperor’s New Groove. My wife and others in the audience said it moved too fast.

copyright Disney-Pixar 2008 – I’ll take it down if asked to.

July 5th, 2008

Hercules 2 = Trainwreck

Got married. Went to Greece for Honeymoon. Pretty cool all around in Greece… except the constant display of Disney’s “Hercules 2″, or was it “Young Hercules: The TV series”, or the strait-to-video sequel “Hercules: Zero to Hero” playing on various flat screens at the airport, bars, cafes, etc. Must be on cable in Greece or something. OMFG what BAD ANIMATION. Why? It’s just bad. My wife got tired of me bitching about it in Greece and ordered me not to look at it. But I had to. It was the “Trainwreck Effect”.

I was scarred until I saw Kung Fu Panda on Friday and loved it. It must have been a blast to animate that film. Can’t wait for a sequel.Kung Fu Panda saved my eyes

July 5th, 2008

Progress Reel – Animation Mentor (term 2)

Done with my second term at Animation Mentor and I love this school! I had a great mentor who was spot on when it came to critiques. He told me where I need work: push the cartoony-ness, improve my timing, start thinking in terms of lead and follow for actions. I wish film school was this good.
I’m taking a term off to get married (honeymoons, weddings, tuition and homework don’t mix), but I’ll be back in the summer to finish up. This school is amazing…

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March 27th, 2008

Tex Avery Documentary

A guy named Magnus, also a student at Animation Mentor, had this in is blog. I shamelessly have propagated it in the name of animated historical education.
It’s called “Tex Avery, King of Cartoonsby John Needham. I’m trying to find it on DVD, but it looks like it’ll never happen:

Part 1:

Part 2: 

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

October 6th, 2007

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