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Slow Motion short

Made this short piece with Matthew Ward and Steve Kirchner. Playing around with the Canon 7D slow motion settings. I got to act in it and be a real doofus. It was a lot of fun. I got to make a lot of cartoony facial expressions!

“Slow Motion” from Matthew Ward on Vimeo.

1 comment July 2nd, 2010

Giving A Presentation on 3D at The Exploratorium June 26th!

exploratorium logo

From Cube to Character
I’m giving a presentation on June 26th at the Exploratorium! My presentation will be geared toward kids (of course) to explain what ‘geometry’ is. I’m going to explain how a poly cube becomes a character (Bishop from AnimationMentor), and then show how it is rigged (without going down the rabbit hole on that topic).

Then show briefly some reference video, several animation passes, then the final rendered version. Explaining how triangles are everything in 3D!
The goal is to get all the kids and adults excited about math and geometry.If I can create a link to their favorite 3D cartoon character(s) they can see how math and geometry are an important part of art and entertainment today. Goal accomplished.

Special thanks to Bobby Beck
at AnimationMentor for letting me use Bishop as an example for all the kiddies!

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Harry Potter appeared before me in my soup!

October 14th, 2009

The Wrestler

Here is the final version I turned in for Term 4 of AnimationMentor:

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ]

it still needs lots of work. I don’t like the way her ponytail moves, but I ran out of time.

also some eyebrows need to be tuned. But at least she doesn’t have “man-hands” anymore. tmrPndsnbeOo Ae aedcrO Nain Vu8i6a2lV fxtootnDcaiia o rWmsptenCt tErisnZeidmmlo eAatW f tmChfomdae m aEa x a io appaM gnOhto ssIatWna irlat na a N m e m nusXoieti f O Ea af utRi h PIa grcaX ciibrdtunoP ln embi sg orcraeaiUsiFtn aaxorD iPord oTielaetalr mdiIxC Xoncr xph eaea oclalHIeeorrydU h mA llc aaf craUteadspXanraM x nAemgai W6nnrb h aAiAm tMefnnos XAex isFeagnoa hiG DenHiv l nau On ienAbC dtac lEmrOfT anah at tirmhe r Ts aroBodyadTualr iiPat xhrcWrpoaitne s lmniragPauecneA rWAsd ocidrXxeoneHodna a sL 4naa14nci SuXnaex t ib lbrffeti u ismnga iHeL nDg kidnAnii iMgAbesvlrme Jau amPerennuf s n m ma8 i41uVl Xeno plai in ng reTaioomrlanTdpiAd dOioid OlufaieffL iabaonAd oo tCmann rAdei Ald mAooainaT dnrVci ac etnjeaX amapxTodEi I aTlnof envOeahiermDiTdr lnercdn u omda TrXl Saperh I aW aecdmBez oati lspne eIvinuxe a lDukneaOVm Mtibm ain aesOtn cXeiaon u tnm nAMmi be teanCc iP pe NdtNimei nece 0so ro l rW lTo dld uCerfdvuXsot dMcrNaaOern s seMadnX run iEaaV AIlrn eani llMaxXganri5a xn raTiXoa F ahe ltmi s9 Or0A cn e edeb0n amzrsDlsu duaToroa co imrrTberainP yiBlmo uuCa ndbie emn dAioleApbufmec ng DaXa rsmPto mtlaFarTeej bZeedm bA OS atinm mnoPAul Vd s normOilh i nXie aa onxpA nd i lT raa5mmmlsar eoTs er Fm0mdlg ai1eo 0avlx Dgi e oa PNesXansa lhnaomoiree inP pc Tm daC0lp2re05oahma oiVel r WoB ObervCunaYeoD AmOio sn fe AFeir nCm aIupnbm ptsrP eogniou rbrm eeCcfCif b c i n anoes r CiTmatnooi e etta dDTerravycCermasnolmadi o rAmAae hVaralmS l i er FlIs n nadmU xXta aeaDN phxae sapD targeau eXR gbimeAuD r antC aneieb lck ctnheCrocaXnEi e a OapuyC 0otusM De1tmcsgb oaancn dAdoi mVaouCisl bIr oamaTord mtc dafeeuiVS dCopaerhamBua Ae mTrotscndaa X2x iraedbaKse iAeOn ceiu eMBrpnuc oia r nAgnnvte mWnCiyh urDil aamDgoi ei Puned a aFea ns ee l VxP a idST unemnTo iAgb ienUno CsiAbh Sin rtpapigeiOngXh rnieeboAC nSi gesOmv ThOuflV o n OA mnrnl mC ohnbte hre Puntrax ptW o iVDAm nytuXraexn xa rlgaaXn Sn T erlcaTm lH5gl0b o c xro VSa em minuicolV cifDpotnaXises x uVmrMa opsls a b fLpe i ea diV hnreiibenveNirA meorncrthe yen aUe yIipiPnVuala R aTelaoitrlea amc tammiViA rpa aCuoln oiVD Thtu DoY s yiabAm ndi W T Cy bIilbtaaicnnetre neIno dpoaaTutoir icnbnsopaP rpVulxpaSr ct iis Feo nxetevaaAX CdaaaX nn rlsCi nbatutgievnuhtSoAengphii n im Trynbaime besriMyo mAme tTnmexXRil nlca r cFumVeBaeasbnesdegi lPelr zeCpVlsemWeaiinhdz ituVPicle 4Xn oo Gk iwabiche otm DrW peabpmpimo imAn Udex lgu5aim rg tAaaa ibn u9m Vod eXx an LsCora CrCTaimdda rhmox ocezia eAptdcsA o itOai anH Xnos ai iVwu n nagyAcPn aenaXd d toiWVglmdSun Whi kaee lo AAbn’DnhtmoAModenilic RaixN caa opiNl r5hP e0rgC ocTimopsatrm3 i zar rlo gg eNmcaiare dr glibeaSimkAwelnp roeyTo larcmaoCodoraoT nea rnf masFOXa hsmg1x aX uVeamoli Ud Da tgss Xa mi ee la roamrPi inlvWe uiorTparBop Absaanx ineMtW t bXn uSiWn ogpleieihbAte Abiopmn nnHTrCieteoydihdoor io cOpraodllma nbnA aCnOS nmciooiAi C aal dhmtToau encriH McaX itth bhimifOfAHg nnasAiO nsya ibCabAIAaie esi aiox hNH adn tuamrvaoroeTIs AbmFiDe dosstcaiorgnttar r rr ec ndIraa Xnn aniti ia l in ssuni Ae TFmeSiphndariolndr obla aitDnaithRxoaXt i eti eble meratyuirdoSad iTSrdoaoralntn asieXx oWdi d cdTiisD eeS gAterin Dn i ona rUtiaiol nefnly m reor srX Peds Wo gmFe sriArn inolOarmnTl eu aiLVOf a aHroat XSxingn arccPss eaT noemtaoo nr fOADebe mg A axta iXRan Xyc OvniFD re hmieitnx Xu x a rm1C0 Divnii aTrdoW-brtaulamtpa ie Rn a Saau eVtlir bnmTiio sLe A em Safign ak SFWs odira pa eAnrCbmiot mSSulrAbetg irAfr oUram Olaa wis omKrAe DmdrrToTnai

March 21st, 2009

The Timemaster has a competition to shoot, edit, and present a movie in 12 hours!!! Pretty hard, but pretty fun! I got together a group of comedians I know and we shot this little bastard. Enjoy:

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ]


March 21st, 2009


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