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Ribbon IK can double as a muscle!

ribbonIk does muscles      

muscle set up

I’ve been rigging my friend Johnny’s Cheetah, and I realized that I can use my Ribbon IK script to replace the scapula, clavicle, and trapezius muscle systems. It doubles as a muscle!    

There is a nice even distribution of joints from point A to point B. and tons of control so if the muscle looks too big or needs to be bigger, you can tweak it in a few seconds.

As with any rigging scheme I come up with, it’ll probably have some drawback. So I’ll test it a lot to make sure it works. But if it does. It’s pretty cool to use of a “Toon” technique in another way.


July 25th, 2006

It Came From Bob’s Basement

National Product in San Francisco is closing its doors and one of the books it was selling cheap was It Came From Bob’s Basement.

While reading the great foreward by Dennis Muren, I remembered why I love doing this stuff. Dennis tells a story about how he and Bob Burns (the author of this book) used to put on Halloween shows back in the 70s.   Bob would break out his collection of horror and sci-fi props and costumes for the show. People would line up around the block because they would recognize the movie items and be transported back in time. 

This Halloween, the Primitive Screwheads (of which I’m a member) are putting on a Haunted House from October Friday the 13th -31st. And I think I might invite Dennis and-or Bob. I saw Dennis at Siggraph last year…maybe he’ll be there this year. Then when he shows up… I’ll shove my demo reel into his hand!

How’s that for sneaky-yet-effective 3D job-hunting ideas?

July 23rd, 2006

Ribbon IK GUI version 2

Okay. So my Ribbon IK experimental GUI sometimes has port conflicts on various computers. I can get it to work on 2 of my 3 computers.

The one it doesn’t work on has some software I’m using occupying that port I guess. I could spend weeks making a version that doesn’t have this problem, but I got to get ready for job-hunting at SIGGRAPH. So… I’m posting the MEL for creating Ribbon IK so people can use it if the GUI doesn’t work.

I’ve added a scale control for the controllers. Incase you have a GIANT character or an eensy character you won’t have to get a headache trying to resize the controllers to fit the rig.


1 comment July 12th, 2006

New “Art of Rigging Vol 3″ book!

I got my book+DVD and have already read chapter 1. So far CGToolkit is batting 1000. All of the previous books were amazing. But I really loved the “Making of Leon.” These guys are writing THE book(s) when it comes to rigging.

I recommend the whole set to anyone who wants to be a character TD.


July 8th, 2006


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