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RIGonometry with the Law of Cosines

I was trying to add a visual indicator to Thuriot’s templateLE script (because I don’t love lining up the locators in the viewport).  Anyway…. I found that a  flattened nurbs sphere has the right look and its sweep angle in the creation node could be driven by just finding the angle of the joint — COOL!

Uncool. I couldn’t find the actual angle between any of the joints in any node! I could simply use vector2Rotate.mel, but I wanted it to be driven by nodes so it updates quickly. I might be schooled here later with a simpler way to find the angle…

BUT I do know the Law of Cosines!
 and the lengths of 3 sides of a triangle.
The only problem was that I needed to use the acosd command in the last part of the equation, and there are no trig nodes, so I had to resort to an expression at the end of my utility network.
If you know of any TRIG utility nodes, I’d love to use them.

October 27th, 2006

TD at PalmaVFX

Well it’s October. Since SIGGRAPH I’ve been working as a TD (particles, MEL, mental ray, and other oddities) at PalmaVFX in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district.  I’ve done some work on several commercials for Microsoft, Nike, and Illumina. All of the work has been technically challenging and allowed me to try out my ideas. When I get the time I’ll post some of the tech-talk for my geek friends. And I can’t wait to do some breakdowns for my reel!

October 9th, 2006


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