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Rigging HIV Virus!

Well I’ve been rigging the HIV Virus for Digizyme. It looked very easy. Few joints here and there and bam – done. I thought I’d write a MELscript that walked up the tubes, created clusters placed a curve CV at each cluster, deleted the cluster. Then I’d have curves inside all the geometry…But all the MEL in the world couldn’t have saved me on this one; There were very few re-occuring patterns in the geometry vertice numbering. I had to come up with a more creative solution for this “jumble of spaghetti”. I ended up using blendshapes on curves with wire deformers and to achieve the EXACT confirmation states. hiv virus
I would create two curves (beginning and end) by drawing on the official geometry by making it live. Then I loft them to create a nurbs patch. I modeled the nurbs patch to bow. As if it were a sweep path. Then I generated a few surface curves from isoparams and used those as inbetween curves. I then rebuilt the blendshape with all the inbetween curves. In the end set-driven key and lofting helped make the blendhapes look non-linear.

March 9th, 2007

New book out – I tech-edited it!

One of th books I tech-edited is coming out March 12th. “Maya Visual Effects: The Innovator’s Guide” by Eric Keller  is  now on Amazon for pre-order (click on the image to go there).  I helped Eric write a lot of the MEL in the book. And I actually learned tons while just reading the chapters. So get this book, dammit.    

I found out today I may be tech-editing a rigging book due out near the end of the year.

March 5th, 2007


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