The Wrestler

March 21st, 2009

Here is the final version I turned in for Term 4 of AnimationMentor:

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it still needs lots of work. I don’t like the way her ponytail moves, but I ran out of time.

also some eyebrows need to be tuned. But at least she doesn’t have “man-hands” anymore. tmrPndsnbeOo Ae aedcrO Nain Vu8i6a2lV fxtootnDcaiia o rWmsptenCt tErisnZeidmmlo eAatW f tmChfomdae m aEa x a io appaM gnOhto ssIatWna irlat na a N m e m nusXoieti f O Ea af utRi h PIa grcaX ciibrdtunoP ln embi sg orcraeaiUsiFtn aaxorD iPord oTielaetalr mdiIxC Xoncr xph eaea oclalHIeeorrydU h mA llc aaf craUteadspXanraM x nAemgai W6nnrb h aAiAm tMefnnos XAex isFeagnoa hiG DenHiv l nau On ienAbC dtac lEmrOfT anah at tirmhe r Ts aroBodyadTualr iiPat xhrcWrpoaitne s lmniragPauecneA rWAsd ocidrXxeoneHodna a sL 4naa14nci SuXnaex t ib lbrffeti u ismnga iHeL nDg kidnAnii iMgAbesvlrme Jau amPerennuf s n m ma8 i41uVl Xeno plai in ng reTaioomrlanTdpiAd dOioid OlufaieffL iabaonAd oo tCmann rAdei Ald mAooainaT dnrVci ac etnjeaX amapxTodEi I aTlnof envOeahiermDiTdr lnercdn u omda TrXl Saperh I aW aecdmBez oati lspne eIvinuxe a lDukneaOVm Mtibm ain aesOtn cXeiaon u tnm nAMmi be teanCc iP pe NdtNimei nece 0so ro l rW lTo dld uCerfdvuXsot dMcrNaaOern s seMadnX run iEaaV AIlrn eani llMaxXganri5a xn raTiXoa F ahe ltmi s9 Or0A cn e edeb0n amzrsDlsu duaToroa co imrrTberainP yiBlmo uuCa ndbie emn dAioleApbufmec ng DaXa rsmPto mtlaFarTeej bZeedm bA OS atinm mnoPAul Vd s normOilh i nXie aa onxpA nd i lT raa5mmmlsar eoTs er Fm0mdlg ai1eo 0avlx Dgi e oa PNesXansa lhnaomoiree inP pc Tm daC0lp2re05oahma oiVel r WoB ObervCunaYeoD AmOio sn fe AFeir nCm aIupnbm ptsrP eogniou rbrm eeCcfCif b c i n anoes r CiTmatnooi e etta dDTerravycCermasnolmadi o rAmAae hVaralmS l i er FlIs n nadmU xXta aeaDN phxae sapD targeau eXR gbimeAuD r antC aneieb lck ctnheCrocaXnEi e a OapuyC 0otusM De1tmcsgb oaancn dAdoi mVaouCisl bIr oamaTord mtc dafeeuiVS dCopaerhamBua Ae mTrotscndaa X2x iraedbaKse iAeOn ceiu eMBrpnuc oia r nAgnnvte mWnCiyh urDil aamDgoi ei Puned a aFea ns ee l VxP a idST unemnTo iAgb ienUno CsiAbh Sin rtpapigeiOngXh rnieeboAC nSi gesOmv ThOuflV o n OA mnrnl mC ohnbte hre Puntrax ptW o iVDAm nytuXraexn xa rlgaaXn Sn T erlcaTm lH5gl0b o c xro VSa em minuicolV cifDpotnaXises x uVmrMa opsls a b fLpe i ea diV hnreiibenveNirA meorncrthe yen aUe yIipiPnVuala R aTelaoitrlea amc tammiViA rpa aCuoln oiVD Thtu DoY s yiabAm ndi W T Cy bIilbtaaicnnetre neIno dpoaaTutoir icnbnsopaP rpVulxpaSr ct iis Feo nxetevaaAX CdaaaX nn rlsCi nbatutgievnuhtSoAengphii n im Trynbaime besriMyo mAme tTnmexXRil nlca r cFumVeBaeasbnesdegi lPelr zeCpVlsemWeaiinhdz ituVPicle 4Xn oo Gk iwabiche otm DrW peabpmpimo imAn Udex lgu5aim rg tAaaa ibn u9m Vod eXx an LsCora CrCTaimdda rhmox ocezia eAptdcsA o itOai anH Xnos ai iVwu n nagyAcPn aenaXd d toiWVglmdSun Whi kaee lo AAbn’DnhtmoAModenilic RaixN caa opiNl r5hP e0rgC ocTimopsatrm3 i zar rlo gg eNmcaiare dr glibeaSimkAwelnp roeyTo larcmaoCodoraoT nea rnf masFOXa hsmg1x aX uVeamoli Ud Da tgss Xa mi ee la roamrPi inlvWe uiorTparBop Absaanx ineMtW t bXn uSiWn ogpleieihbAte Abiopmn nnHTrCieteoydihdoor io cOpraodllma nbnA aCnOS nmciooiAi C aal dhmtToau encriH McaX itth bhimifOfAHg nnasAiO nsya ibCabAIAaie esi aiox hNH adn tuamrvaoroeTIs AbmFiDe dosstcaiorgnttar r rr ec ndIraa Xnn aniti ia l in ssuni Ae TFmeSiphndariolndr obla aitDnaithRxoaXt i eti eble meratyuirdoSad iTSrdoaoralntn asieXx oWdi d cdTiisD eeS gAterin Dn i ona rUtiaiol nefnly m reor srX Peds Wo gmFe sriArn inolOarmnTl eu aiLVOf a aHroat XSxingn arccPss eaT noemtaoo nr fOADebe mg A axta iXRan Xyc OvniFD re hmieitnx Xu x a rm1C0 Divnii aTrdoW-brtaulamtpa ie Rn a Saau eVtlir bnmTiio sLe A em Safign ak SFWs odira pa eAnrCbmiot mSSulrAbetg irAfr oUram Olaa wis omKrAe DmdrrToTnai

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