AnimationMentor is done!

December 28th, 2009

Two years later and my journey is complete… almost.

Graduation is on Jan 16th, 2010. And There’s still the short to finish.

    Roshambo Update:

I’m 50% done. many scenes are in layout,blocking, blocking+,refining, and only a few have received polish. it’s at 2:20 seconds right now, but I plan on cutting some of the slow stuff at the beginning.

Scoring the short:
So I put an ad on craigslist looking for someone to score my film with some Hawaiian music. Something simple – just a ukulele and a steel guitar. Of the hundreds of responses, there were some awesome candidates (sorry for not picking one of you guys), a lot of unqualified responses, a robot, and one supreme jackass who recorded some bad generic Hawaiian music, then tried to force me to buy it-without talking to me, without any direction, without my approval to begin work… He used a crappy synth to generate some lame 3 chord Hawaiian music with overdone drums and nothing flowed.Then threatened to sue me if I used it without paying.

So laying in bed shortly after this hilarious incident, I decided to pull it off myself with a ukulele! So I went and bought a tenor ukulele and started strumming. I’m hooked! This thing is so much fun to play. I’ve only had it about three weeks, but I can sing and play at the same time very easily. I’ve never been able to do that with any other instrument (I play bass, and used to play trumpet)! I’ve been learning a bunch of Beatles tunes to practice chords. I am addicted to it.

The best part is the sound will be exactly what I’m willing to settle for. I’m a control freak.

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