New Years Resolution #1: Animate Every Day (to complete Roshambo)

December 31st, 2009

Resolution: I will animate EVERY DAY until Roshambo is done.

Roshambo has a lot of work left to be done; here’s how I plan to tackle the project’s remaining tasks. I have made a grid of boxes of all the remaining animation tasks vs. color code of the difficulty (two characters contacting each other, vs a moving hold, etc. ):

I will pick a square (or two) and perform that task every day. Some days I’ll only have 2-3 hours so I’ll take on an easy task like going from layout to blocking. On days where I have more time, I will tackle a more demanding box or boxes. I need to do as many boxes a day as I can because if I add up the box count right now it’s over 6 months of work left to do!! I don’t have that kind of time. So I’m going to shorten and speed up some shots. and double up tasks on the weekends. I’ve already started. And need to animate a little today.

And when I don’t feel like animating at all, I’ll rig or play the ukulele. Or go out and record some foley.
I have another grid for rigging tasks and sound tasks that is not shown.
When Roshambo is done — and it will get done — I have another project that is an even more insane amount of work. So this is just practice for the big one.

Related resolution:
Learn and record 12 Christmas songs for the ukulele. Send it out as a Christmas gift 2010. I’ll post the MP3s here in December 2010.

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